What do I do if I lose my house key?

What do I do if I lose my house key?

Anyone can lose their key, it just happens. You reach the door, and you start ransacking your bag, pockets, and purse for the keys. All of a sudden, every schedule is out of the window, and the security of your property becomes topmost priority. However, as stressful as this situation is, do not let overwhelm you.

Seek help from the best locksmith in the Los Angeles area, they are not only a licensed locksmith but certified and professionals for all types of locks. Do you know that more than 20 million people lose their house/car keys annually? That means you need the service of a 24/7 locksmith to ensure you are not only safe in your house when it happens but will get another key immediately.

Losing your house key is frustratingly stressful and confusing. It disrupts your plans for the day, and you spend long hours trying to figure out where, how, why, and who might be looking to invade your privacy. Rather than keep wondering about all the questions, you should act fast and immediately.

At mrlocksmith, it doesn’t matter what happens to your keys, we are here for you 24/7 to get you out of unpleasant situations and scary circumstances. However, as you pick up your phone to make that all-important call, do the following.

Contact The Police And Your Insurance Company.

If your keys are lost, it could get into the wrong hand and put your property and family at risk. Informing your insurance company of the situation will enable them to cover the cost of the locksmith’s service. Sometimes insurance companies have recommended locksmith that will see to your problems with little or no charges from your end.

When choosing home insurance, inquire if they cover the cost of a locksmith. This way, you are assured that the insurance company will always pay for their services should you lose your keys in the future.

Your house is under the protection of the police. If the lost keys were because of a stolen purse, a police report will enable the insurance company to take charge of the services. It also protects your home from thefts or break-in the future. Now you can start searching for your spare and calling friends or family who has access to your apartment.

Where is your spare?

This is the best way to solve the problem of a lost house key.

Your spare keys should be kept in a safe place well-hidden that no one, except a few chosen people know. Most people usually have their spare keys under the front mat, the flower pot beside the door, or in the top section of the door.

If you have a trusted neighbor, you can hand it over to them, and if you live with your parent, you can give them a spare.

Left in a rented apartment and do not have a spare key with you? contact your roommates, if any of them have their key with them to bail you out. If you stay alone, reach out to the property manager to help you open the lock. Most landlords have a universal key that can unlock any door giving you access to your property.

If neither of the above solutions is available to you, you need to look for an alternative way to enter the home

Using an Alternative Route

The front door is the main route to any home, but if you lost your keys, it is time to be calm and composed, and then think of alternative ways. Before calling a locksmith, check if other entrances are opened, including the window or a back door. If you are living in a high rising, this might be difficult. So we think contacting a neighbor to open the front entrance for you and contacting a locksmith is the way to go.

If you leave in crime-prone neighborhoods, think of contacting the police about your missing key and them with their authorization, you can enter your home especially if it is night until a locksmith arrives in the morning to fix the lock.

Pick the locks

Most people know how to pick locks but do not know how to fix it. While some locks are easier to pick than others, we are not recommending these options as you may cause more damage to the lock and spend more trying to fix it. Furthermore, trying a do-it-yourself lock picking is also dangerous and can put you at risk. So if you need a professional service immediately at your door, this might be the time to get that locksmith on the line ASAP.

Call a locksmith

Let’s assume the above yielded no result, and you desperately need to get out or in your property. This is the time to rethink professional help. A reliable locksmith will offer their expertise and professionalism to calm you down while inquiring about the problem.

This will enable them to send forth a member that will handle the situation swiftly but also ensure you are safe.

A reliable locksmith also prevents you from scam locksmith that only wants to gain access to your home to loot later. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you know who to call. MR. Locksmith is the locksmith solution for all lock problems at any time of the day. A professional locksmith should not compromise your situation, security, or home.

Why should you contact a 24/7 locksmith?

Whether you want a key duplicated or a lock picked, a 24 hours locksmith is the best option to assist you and give you advice on how to avert any future occurrences.

If you have a spare key inside your house and need to gain access but not damage the lock, the service is affordable and swift.

However, it all depends on how complicated the lock is too. If your lock is good and you only need to duplicate the key, then you still need a reliable locksmith. However, the cost will depend on the type of lock and patterns on the key. Smart locks and security locks are not very easy to duplicate and will cost you more.

If you do not have a spare key and cannot remember the last place you were with your house key, a locksmith will help you change the lock offering a lasting solution to you. Solutions can be keyless options or cards or biometrics like fingerprints, and others that you cannot lose. This service takes more time and costs more, but it can be done immediately with the right team at your door.

Remember to give the locksmith the brand and design of the lock to enable proper preparation before coming to your property.

24/7 locksmiths are not just for you to gain entry into your home but are specialist locksmiths that give your lock the right treatment.

When should you call a locksmith?

Any time, the moment you realize your keys are missing, calm down, and call us. We are here for you day and night. Depending on where you stay in Los Angeles, we will get to you within minutes. So, while you wait for us, find a safe place to sit down if it is at night or stay at a neighbor. We care about your safety even though we are locksmiths. Remember to provide the information we need to do a quick and secure job when you call.

Tips to prevent you from being stranded at your door

If you have gone through the ordeal of losing your house key, you will never want to pass through that again. The following measures should keep you safe in this situation. We do advise that you report every loss to the police and insurance company for security records.

  • Have the locksmith make several keys – this will ensure you are never locked out of your home and probably won’t need a locksmith except you have no access to any of them.
  • Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend that is always at hand when you need them. Don’t give out your spare key to a friend who lives far away and won’t make it to you in the night.
  • Attached an identification tag with your key, this allows it to be traced back to you if found by a passerby. Remember to only write your name and phone number if you decide on the tag. Do not add your home address as this can leave you prone to theft and put you at risk if found by a dubious mind.
  • Except you are in college where friends come and go, do not allow strangers or unknown individuals into your home.

Other relevant measures to take are

Changing the Locks of Your Home

Whether it is one key or a bunch of keys to your home, changing the locks should always be an option. Also, do not change the locks to the same as the previous one, do something different. Having the same locks on puts you at a higher risk of intruders entering your home. Changing locks are slightly expensive, but it enhances the security and safety of your home.

Opt For the Smart Key Option

If you lose your key always, a smart key option is the best way to go. The smart key is keyless and uses biometrics to let you gain access to your house without stress. They are usually automated or electronic types that do not need a key. This will keep you safe, but remember whatever method you are using to access your home must be kept secure else you will need the locksmith services again. This time it will be expensive.

Chose the Right Key to Duplicate

If your home has a backdoor, have the locksmith duplicate both keys for safety purposes. This way, if you lose a front key, you can always gain access through the back door. Remember to give your trusted friend a key too.

Keep a Close Eye on Scammers

In every business, there are rotten eggs, and the locksmith trade is not excluded. When you are locked out of your home, don’t call the first locksmith you can reach, do some research first.  Check out their websites and read a couple of their testimonials.

Personally, we tell people to have a locksmith on speed dial because they are essential services and you never know when you need them.

How to pinpoint a scam locksmith

  • If they do not have a certified mobility service and most times their work clothes have no name tag with the company’s logo or tagline
  • They usually come alone and require you to pay cash 
  • They always say you need a new lock without offering the option of duplicating a key
  • Never allow a locksmith to start by drilling your door without unlocking it first. Authentic locksmiths are trained to unlock instead of damaging it
  • Remember, they have an online website to ensure their scam is perfected. Check their online rating and avoid any company with avoidable complaints or low ratings.
  • Ensure the company is licensed and can produce a certificate if required. The phone number on their truck should be reachable and not a direct line to the locksmith at your door.

Although getting the best locksmith in the busiest city in the US is a challenge, one good company stands out and is delivering excellent service for decades. When you lose your house keys, stay calm, and try to breathe through it. It will be fine with a 24/7 locksmith Los Angeles.

Everyone loses their key once in a while. However, the steps above should help you to gain access to your home without falling prey to scammers. Furthermore, prevention is better than cure, and the trauma of losing a key is deep. Have your locksmith duplicate more than one key for all entrance doors in case you lose them again.

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