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What does it mean to rekey your locks? This is when you wish to change your lock code. In this situation, our locksmith will take the lock apart and replace your locking pins with new ones. As soon as this is done, you won’t be able to use the old keys to operate the lock again. Only a well-trained locksmith can handle this task effectively. So, why do you need to Rekey Locks Los Angeles? Perhaps you have just experienced a break-in in your home or office and need to have all your locks rekeyed for safety.

The major reasons for rekey locks Los Angeles all revolve around security and efficient key control. We understand this at Mr. Locksmith and assure you that your safety is paramount to us. There could also be a situation where an office where confidential files are kept has four keys, but at the end of the day, you could only account for three. This could mean that your safety is compromised as anyone could have access to the missing key.

Mr. Locksmith Offer Rekey Locks in Los Angeles

It is very easy to ignore this, but as soon as you notice a key you can’t account for, simply place a call to us for rekeying your locks in LA. In this situation, our locksmith can rekey your locks to ensure that no other key can open them anymore. Los Angeles Rekeying locks is significantly cheaper compared to getting new locks. You also need to do this for better key control. Key control refers to your ability to account for all keys in your home or office. With key control, you keep the confidential areas of your office available to the authorized personnel and do not expose your keys to thieves.

If you don’t have key control, then your security is compromised as you won’t be aware of those who have access to certain parts of your home or office. So, if you would like to operate different locks with one key, wish to go for a cheaper option or want to convert to a master key system, then place a call to our locksmith who will give you a detailed quote and have the job done effectively.